Since its commencement in 2005, each of the previous twelve China Senior Citizen Expositions (abbreviated to: CSCE) have been very successful. As an exposition facing the whole country and the global elderly care industry with roots in western China, it provides a platform for communication and cooperation for China’s elderly care industry and was rated as “China Top 10 Brand Exhibitions”. The 13th China Senior Citizen Exposition will be held in November 2018 to earnestly conform to the requirements on the elderly care service in new era made on the 19th CPC National Congress, facilitate the cooperation and communication of elderly care service and product technology inside and outside Chongqing by embracing the strategic plans such as “1333” work plan on elderly care in new era, “One Thousand Service Stations and One Hundred Demonstration Service Centers Project” operations and “Healthy and Smart Elderly Care + Internet” system platform and boost sound growth of cause and industry for the aging population. 

   The last Exposition, covering an exhibition area topping 20,000m2,  welcomed over 400 exhibitors from more than a dozen of countries and regions like the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Hong Kong and Taiwan and over 20 cities of China. It has been at the forefront of size and influence among the peer expositions. About 100,000 visitors and purchasers were attracted during the exhibition and both the visitors and purchasers got substantially improved in quality. It achieved over 80 million yuan of transaction volume on site and 200 million yuan of contracted intention agreement amount. The grand occasion of “CSCE” was reported by many mainstream news media, large-scale portal website and industry media from different angles. The present leaders, experts and exhibitors all agreed that “CSCE” had become the window and bellwether for development of China’s elderly service industry and played an important role in promoting its development.

   The “CSCE” in 2018 will be committed to promoting the development of elderly care industry and creating a platform for trade communication and exhibition with global vision and professional service. 



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