★Comprehensive Propaganda and Visitors

1. Civil administration department, competent authority on aging, disabled people’s federation and health department across China, industry association and member units, nursing institution, housing for the aged, nursing home, sanatorium, activity center for the aged, rehabilitation center, large-scale medicine supermarket, pharmaceutical business group, pharmaceutical chain stores, exclusive shop, community health service station and gym are invited to the exhibition for purchase. Company engaging in development of product for the aged, dealer, agent, investment consultation agency, overseas elder service agency, national first-class hospital and media in relation to elder care industry also will attend the exhibition.

2. Mainstream media propaganda: Organizing Committee will hold press conference and invite the mainstream media of Chongqing and other provinces and cities to the exhibition for publicizing and reporting; special column on “CSCE” will be written on mainstream media for advertising.

3. Professional media propaganda: this year’s “CSCE” information and progress will be released on national professional media on aging at a fixed period, in order to enhance the expertness and expand the scope of influence of “CSCE” relying on the influential professional media.

4. Outdoor advertising: release outdoor advertisement along main traffic roads and at the gate of residence community in Chongqing.

5. Community advertising: carry out “CSCE” in community propagandas in Chongqing to expand the scope of propaganda of “CSCE” and encourage the whole city to give attention and support to the elder care cause.

6. Online advertising: release information on “CSCE” activity and investment attraction on national website in relation to aging.

7. On-site advertising: inflatable arches, Xiqingbao (celebration appliance), lamp-post banners and huge ads will be prepared on site, in order to enliven the atmosphere of exhibition.

8. Live report: organize TV station and website to provide live broadcast for the grand occasion of exhibition and interview the exhibitors.



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